New classrooms in Kenya

Dear friends

After 12 years of supporting Projects in Kenya, Uganda, Zambia and India we have decided now is the time to pass on our projects to another charity.

Latterly we have built and run two schools in Ahero and Awatch, two rural communities in the county of Kisumu in Kenya. We are proud of what we have achieved with the involvement of CIVS Kenya.

Aids Orphan has past these two initiatives to Hope for Children to continue this fabulous work.

The team at Hope for Children is delighted to now embark on supporting ECD’s in Kenya in partnership with CIVS (Centre for International Voluntary Service Kenya) .

Hope for Children will be working with the centres in Ahero & Awach;

The projects can be supported by going to:

Or by giving here

All of the trustees want to thank everyone who has supported us over the years.


Over half of HIV+ children worldwide do not have access to life-saving medication…

It’s the largest unrecognised humanitarian disaster in the world. AIDS not only deprives millions of the poorest children of the love and protection of their parents, the vast majority are left to struggle alone, many with younger siblings to care for, in desperate poverty and with the discrimination and stigma an HIV status brings. Many children are abandoned and often extended family cannot or will not look after them.

At AIDS Orphan we believe every child orphaned by AIDS deserves our love and protection as well as a decent chance in life. If you believe that too, then please join us. We’d love to have your support.

A recent UN report…

…shows that the gains made for children are not being sustained. New HIV infections among children have declined by only 8% in the past two years, only half (52%) of all children living with HIV are getting treatment and 110 000 children died of AIDS-related illnesses in 2017. Although 80% of pregnant women living with HIV had access to antiretroviral medicines to prevent transmission of HIV to their child in 2017, an unacceptable 180 000 children acquired HIV during birth or breastfeeding—far away from the target of fewer than 40 000 by the end of 2018.

‘One child becoming infected with HIV or one child dying of AIDS is one too many,’ said Mr Sidibé. ‘Ending the AIDS epidemic is not a foregone conclusion and the world needs to heed this wake-up call and kick-start an acceleration plan to reach the targets.’

Empowering children with HIV

We work across the world to support and provide for children and infants who have been infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. yukongoldcasino We enable access to life saving treatment, education, medical support and counselling.


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We work across the world to support and provide for children
and infants who have been infected and affected by HIV/AIDS


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