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We work across the world to support and provide for children and infants who have been infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

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This little girl is nine years old she lives with both her parents her father is sick and mother is doing all the jobs. The mother is taking responsibility for the whole family. Lilly has one brother who is five years old and is in class one at primary school. She goes to school every day and is doing well and enjoys her food. She is very bright girl and wants to be a chief accountant.


Angela is 14 years old and is in class eight, she is very good at science at school and wants to be a fashion designer. She is being bought up by her grandmother as both of her parents have died because of HIV. She has one brother who is 12 and another sister who is 8. All of the children eat at home and food is not an issue.


Joseph is a years old his father has died he has three sisters and there is never enough to eat at home, their mother is a grocer. She is in standard class three and he wants to be a driver when she grows up.

Since we began supporting the children of Kibera, hundreds now have access to life-saving drugs, a decent education, regular meals and the care they need in order to live the happy, healthy life every child deserves.


Early Childhood Development Centre – Kenya

Kisumu County, where Aids Orphan is establishing the Ahero ECD. This is one of the poorest regions in Kenya with the 3rd highest HIV/AIDS prevalence in Kenya (19.3%). It is estimated that 30-40% of babies born to HIV positive mothers are infected with HIV. According to the Kenyan Ministry of Health, there are approximately 2,300 new HIV infection cases among children (0-14 years) every year in the County and the high number of child deaths caused by AIDS threatens to reverse the recent gain of child survival programmes. The strain of providing basic needs, such as food, shelter, health care and education, for children orphaned as a result of AIDS, burdens an already stretched social system and society at large. Education and awareness is a recognised key factor in reducing infection rates and ensuring that children and youth receive all support necessary to join, stay and succeed in school. Preparing preschool age children through ECD is therefore of uttermost importance.

We are implementing this project with partner organisation CIVS Kenya. We will target 75 HIV/AIDS Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) from poor households, aged between 2-5 years per year to receive structured, age appropriate care through the establishment of the Early Childhood Development Centre. Additionally, the nutritional needs of the children will be prioritized in order to tackle the high mortality rate of children under the age of 5 years in Kisumu County (according to the Population Action International 105/1000 births, compared to Kenyan average of 73/1000).

It will cost just 53P a day to feed one chid on the feeding programme.

The goal of this project is to provide access to quality early childhood services to children in order to promote the intellectual, physical, and social development of identified preschool children in Ahero region through the establishment of an ECDC at the Ahero Resource Centre.

Project impact

• Improved wellbeing and overall development of children through various child friendly activities at the centre

• ECD centre managed and sustained by viable enterprises

• Increased knowledge and skills among ECD caretakers and parents

• Increased involvement of community members in ECD activities.

• Increased knowledge and practice of child hygiene, health care and nutritional needs.

• Improved parenting skills at the household level.

• Each ECD centre promotes learning, playing and other interactive social activities for children.

More Projects


In the Kibera slum, Nairobi, AiDS Orphan support over 500 children at Little Rock Early Childhood Development Centre… We house over 20 children at Neema Rescue House… And work in the community to support even more children and families through outreach. Since we began supporting the children of Kibera, hundreds now have access to life-saving drugs, a decent education, regular meals and the care they need in order to live the happy, healthy life every child deserves.


In Kenya, we support over 120 vulnerable and pregnant HIV+ women. Our elimination of mother to child transmission project enables these women to give birth to healthy, HIV free babies. Our pre and post natal classes and peer mentor mothers support, educate and empower these women. To date, we have seen the safe delivery of over 300 HIV free babies at a success rate of 99.9% and support a growing number of women who now have control of their lives and bodies. Just £13 will buy a hamper of essentials for mother and baby.


It is estimated that around 1.5 million people are living with HIV/AIDS in Uganda… approximately 176,000 of these are children… of these children, only 1 in 10 have access to life-saving treatment. In the Southern Ugandan township of Kajjansi, HIV/AIDS is all too common with a prevalence rate of twice the national average. In October 2016, AiDS Orphan teamed up with the local Kajjansi community initiative ‘Bridging a Gap.’ We’re funding a feeding programme and early childhood development centre to help provide much needed nutrition and education for these children. Through this programme, we’re also able to identify the vulnerable children suffering with HIV and lack of medication. With our help, these children are now able to access the essential medical and emotional support they so desperately need and deserve. There is no reason a child should be denied access to HIV medication.


In the north of Uganda, there is a desperate crisis facing children in rural areas… Many children here are HIV+ and, as their parents die from the virus, are left in the care of elderly grandparents. For these families making ends meet is a constant struggle… Many of those suffering from AIDS are dying because life-saving drugs are simply not getting through. AIDS Orphan and Hope Development Initiative launched a project to give the children living in the Amolatar district access to life-saving treatment. Miriam is suffering from malaria and HIV and cannot attend school. Without access to medication, Miriam will die. It is our mission to give her and hundreds like her access to the medication they need to survive.


‘HIV is the world’s leading infectious killer [and] remains one of the world’s most significant public health challenges.’ – World Health Organisation.

OVER 37 MILLION PEOPLE are living with HIV/AIDS worldwide…

24.7 MILLION of these are from Sub-Saharan Africa…

3.2 MILLION of these are children.

230,000 CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 15 died of HIV/AIDS related illnesses in 2011..

OVER 35,000 PEOPLE per week become infected with HIV/AIDS…

This equals 5,600 PEOPLE A DAY…

more than 230 EVERY HOUR.


Rev. Christopher Rogers (Chairman)

Christopher was ordained into the Church of England after a career in Metallurgical Sciences. He has always been concerned about HIV/AIDS and has been Chairman of CARA, a London-based HIV charity.

Ian Govendir (Founder and CEO)

Ian founded AIDS Orphan in 2009 in response to the plight of children orphaned by HIV/AIDS. He has worked as Head of Individual Giving at the British Red Cross, was CEO at the British Lung Foundation and was Head of Development at the National Deaf Children’s Society.

Chris Woolls

Chris is director of Cara Trust – a London charity that specialises in supporting older people with HIV and was previously at Staffordshire Buddies and Terrence Higgins Trust. He is also a Trustee of Clapham Relief Fund and Wandsworth Oasis and has an MSc in Voluntary Sector Management from City University. He tries to get out into the countryside most weekends and to the far north of Scotland as often as is reasonably possible.

Jonathan White

Jonathan is a Barrister and a managing director. He is also Associate General Counsel at J.P. Morgan Asset Management and Chairman of the New London Orchestra.

Eve Govendir

Eve retired from professional administration after a varied and fulfilling working life. She is an important part of AiDS Orphan’s administration, assisting and advising where possible. She has been engaged with AiDS Orphan since it’s 2009 inception and feels that it’s an incredibly worthy cause.