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Volunteer Ahero!

In rural Kenya, HIV/AIDS is present in almost 20% of the population...

this means HIV is present in nearly every household.

In the community of Ahero, almost an entire generation has been wiped out, leaving AIDS Orphans in the care of grandparents and siblings.

Providing those most vulnerable HIV/AIDS Orphans with a future has become the central challenge for the local community.

Working alongside CIVS Kenya, AiDS Orphan are helping the vulnerable children of Ahero. We’re making a difference by providing an essential feeding programme to improve nutrition, concentration and school performance. With the help of your donations, we also aim to create an early childhood development centre to support Ahero’s infants and youngest children.

Alongside our work with the community’s children, we’re supporting the Ahero Resource Centre, which provides adult agricultural education, financial services and an essential bore-hole for the community. Here, we educate, support and empower the local population to become healthy and self-sustaining.


Ahero's missing generation means that the village suffers from a lack of able-bodied labourers, teachers, community workers and parents. Buildings are falling into disrepair and the care of Ahero’s children is suffering.

This is where you come in. We’re looking for volunteers to take on work placements out in Ahero. Our 3 week programmes specialise in educating, assisting and empowering this tight-knit community to build its own future.

Volunteer Ahero! is about making a difference. Get in touch with and become part of our Ahero team.

Give today to support the community of Ahero.

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1st December: World Aids Day. Click to donate now!